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Birthright Campaign Setting Box SetCover art

Birthright Campaign Setting Box Set

by L. Richard Baker III, Colin McComb, Walter Velez, Tony Szczudlo, William O'Connor, Eric Hotz, Carrie Bebris, Roger E. Moore, Sue Weinlein, Peggy Cooper

Year: 1995

Number of monsters: 8

Book of MagecraftCover art

Book of Magecraft

by Carrie A. Bebris, Anne Brown, Jean Rabe, Steven Schend, Ed Stark

Year: 1994

Number of monsters: 9

The Sword of RoeleCover art

The Sword of Roele

by Wolfgang Baur, Anne Gray McCready, Karen S. boomgarden, Nick Choles

Year: 1996

Number of monsters: 2

Blood Spawn: Creatures of Light and ShadowCover art

Blood Spawn: Creatures of Light and Shadow

by Carrie A. Bebris

Year: 1995

Number of monsters: 18

Tribes of the Heartless WasteCover art

Tribes of the Heartless Waste

by Ed Stark

Year: 1997

Number of monsters: 1

Warlock of the StonecrownsCover art

Warlock of the Stonecrowns

by Wolfgang Baur

Year: 1995

Number of monsters: 2

The Rjurik HighlandsCover art

The Rjurik Highlands

by Anne Brown, Anthony Pryor

Year: 1996

Number of monsters: 1

List of all monsters across these books.
Dragon (Cerilia)
Giant (Cerilia)
Goblin (Cerilia)
Orog (Cerilia)
Rhuobhe Manslayer
The Gorgon
The Seadrake
The Spider
Garradalaigh, General Information
Mahogany Constrictor
The Monkey King
Blood Hound
Changeling (Cerilia)
Cwn Annwn
Dispossessed, The
Faerie, Seelie
Faerie, Unseelie
Halfling, Shadow World
Minion of the Lost
Seeming Walker
Shadow Steed
Shadow Warrior
The Sluagh
Spectral Awnshegh
Wild Hunt
Will O'Shadow
Skuhlzecki (hot-headed ice borer)
Giant, Fhoimorien
Ogre, Stonecrown
Spectral Scion