Mammal, Small

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MammalHDAC#App.#AttDmg/AttMVXP ValueNotes
Beaver1-4 hp910-40114, Sw 127
Chipmunk1 hp71-61112, Br 10
Gopher1-3 hp81-201112, Br 227
Hedgehog1-2 hp81-2nilnil47
Mink161-21115, Br 115
Mole1 hp101nilnil1, Br ½0
Mouse1 hp71-100nilnil15, Br ½0
Muskrat1-3 hp101-21147
Opossum1-3 hp101-81147
Otter1-151-411-212, Sw 187
Otter, Sea1+151-411-312, Sw 1835
Otter, Giant552-513-189, Sw 18175
Pig, Domestic2101-2011-41235
Pig, Wild291-811-41235
Rabbit1-3 hp61-1211187
Raccoon1-6 hp91-411-257
Squirrel1 hp81-611120
Squirrel, Flying1 hp871112, Fl 15 (E)0Gliding
Squirrel, Giant black1+161-1211+31235
Woodchuck1-6 hp91-2115, Br 27

Intelligence:Animal (1)
Magic Resistance:Nil
Morale:Unreliable to Average (2-9)

Most small mammals are harmless to humans. Some have useful traits or abilities. Most animals have only rudimentary languages that humanoids cannot use except with the aid of magical spells. All have THAC0 20, except where noted below.

Beavers quickly chew trees and construct homes in ponds. Adult pelts are worth two gp.

Chipmunks have excellent hearing and eyesight.

Ermines are related to weasels. The white, spotted pelt is worth four gp.

Ferrets are related to weasels. If captured as cubs or raised domestically, ferrets may be trained to perform simple tricks, retrieve objects, or hunt small burrowing game.

Foxes have superb vision, hearing, and noses. Their pelts are worth three to five gp.

Gophers live in large colonies burrowed into the soil of the plains. They have acute senses of hearing and smell. For each gopher encountered, another 1d10 are hiding in the burrows nearby.

Hedgehogs are covered with sharp but harmless quills.

Moles have an excellent ability to detect tastes and vibrations, but very poor vision.

Monkey refers to a variety of small, non-hostile species (rhesus, spider, tamarind, lemurs, and others). THAC0 19.

Mice infest virtually any human structure.

Minks are related to weasels. The pelt is worth three gp.

Muskrats have a moderately valuable pelt worth five sp.

Opossum are woodland marsupials with good hearing.

Otters are fast runners (12) and swimmers (18). They are friendly and only attack if cornered or if their young are threatened. Pelts are worth two to three gp. Giant otters are identical except for their size (10-15' long). Pelts are worth 1,000-4,000 gp. THAC0 19 (sea and giant otters).

Pigs may bite or attempt to stun, then crush a victim by butting. Domestic pigs are normally harmless unless angered or magically controlled. Wild pigs are domestic pigs that have escaped to the wild. They are smaller (2 feet long) and nonaggressive unless provoked. THAC0 19.

Rabbits are difficult to surprise or catch due to their sensitive eyesight, hearing, nose, and natural paranoia.

Raccoons only attack if cornered or rabid (10% chance). The pelts are worth one gp.

Squirrels have good vision and hearing.

Flying squirrels have furry membranes that enable them to glide five feet for each one foot they drop.

Giant black squirrels are 2-foot-long residents of evil-dominated forests. They steal loose, small valuables (rings, gems, vials) to decorate their nests. THAC0 19.

Woodchucks are capable of quickly gnawing through trees or wood. The pelts are worth 1 gp.