Mammal, Minimal

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MinimalHDTHAC0# AttXP ValueNotes
Ape, Gorilla11931/1/1-215No rending
Ape, Carnivorous1+21831/1/1-335Rending for 1-2
Bear, Black1-12031/1/1-215No hug
Bear, Brown1+31831-2/1-2/1-235Hug 1-3
Bear, Cave2+21631-2/1-2/1-365Hug 2-5
Boar, Wild1-12011-415-
Boar, Warthog1-12021-2/1-215-
Camel, Wild1-1201115-
Dog, War½+12011-27-
Dog, Wild¼20117-
Elephant, African2+41651-4/1-4/1-3/1-2/1-265-
Elephant, Asian2+61652-5/2-5/1-4/1-3/1-365-
Hippopotamus1+21811-4 or 3-635-
Horse, Wild½+120117-
Jaguar11931/1/1-215Surprised only on 1; rear claws 1/1
Leopard11931/1/1-215Surprised only on 1; rear claws 1/1
Lion1+31831/1/1-335Surprised only on 1; rear claws 1/1
Lion, Mountain1-12031/1/1-215Surprised only on 1; rear claws 1/1
Lynx¼20117Surprised only on 1
Rhinoceros2+11611-2 or 1-465Charge 2-4 or 2-8
Stag1-1201 or 21-2 or 1/115-
Tiger2+11631-2/1-2/1-365Surprised only on 1; rear claws 1-2/1-2

Frequency:Very Rare
Alignment:Neutral (chaotic)
No. Appearing:As full size but 50% likely for twice the number rolled
Armor Class:As full size +2 (worse)
Movement:⅔ of full size
No. of Attacks:As full size or fewer (see below)
Special Attacks:+1 to surprise for carnivores
Special Defenses:-1 to attacker's surprise
Magic Resistance:+2 to most saves; +4 vs. charm effects; no bonus vs. poison, death
Morale:Unreliable to Average (2-10)

Minimals are half-sized breeds of otherwise normal animals. They have the same physical and behavioral traits as their fullsized relatives, although most are not as dangerous.

Combat: Minimals fight in the same manner as the normal breeds. Some of the carnivores are even more aggressive.

Habitat/Society: Minimals (the popular contraction for “small animals”) were created by means of spells similar to those used to create giant reptiles, insects, and the like. Minimals tend to be found only in isolated or enclosed regions. There they are 80% likely to be the only types of mammals around. They seldom exist in areas with large carnivores, since they would be quickly wiped out.

Any type of minimal is 50% likely to be found with greater frequency than that given for normal-sized species. Their smaller size decreases their Armor Class by 2 and the movement rate by ⅓ (rounded up). The species listed above are the most commonly known. Other minimals probably exist in other isolated areas.

Minimals are sometimes found with small humanoids (brownies, pixies, etc.) This is more likely if the locale is isolated.

Minimals that can be domesticated are valued by short humanoids, such as halflings, as pets of this size are easier for them to control.

Ecology: Minimals are the result of deliberate tampering with nature by magical means. Aside from their smaller size, they have the same characteristics and needs as their normal-sized kin. Unlike most enlarged monsters, the diminutive minimals have increased usefulness and survivability since they require less food and territory. Minimal hides and skins are worth ⅔ that of the normal-sized species.