Mammal, Giant

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Badger, giant2-546, Br 331731d3/1d3/1d6Steady (11-12)Nil65
Beaver, giant4-4066, Sw 1241714d4Average (8-10)Nil120
Boar, giant2-861271313d6Steady (11-12)Special650
Hyena (hyenodon)2-871251513d4Average (8-10)Nil175
Porcupine, giant1-25661513d6Average (8-10)Nil650
Otter, giant2-559, Sw 1851512d4Unsteady (5-7)Shoot quills175
Skunk, giant17951511d6Average (8-10)Musk420
Weasel, giant146153+31712d6Elite (13-14)Drain blood175
Wolverine, giant14154+41531d4+1/1d4+1/2d4Elite (13-14)+4 to hit, musk, intelligence975

Badger, Giant: These semi-intelligent, burrowing mammals are typical solitary. Their speed accounts for their high armor class rating. They are fierce fighters and will staunchly defend their territory. If more than one is encountered, it will be a mated pair (and young). Giant badgers are sometimes found as guard animals in gnomes' lairs (20% chance for 3 to 12 giant badgers in a lair). Giant badgers grow to twice the size of their smaller cousins (to size M).

Beaver, Giant: These docile animals, of low to average Intelligence, are about 6 feet long when fully grown (size M). They normally flee any attack, but will fight fiercely if cornerad or if their huge lodge is attacked. They live in a lake created by their vast dam, and in its center is their lodge, a veritable castle of mud and logs with walls not less than 5 feet thick. The entire community live in this single dwelling, and when the alarm is sounded (a tail slap in the water), all beavers rush to this place to defend it and the young. For every adult, there will be a young one. Giant beavers sometimes trade, and if coins or other valuables are offered, they can sometimes be persuaded to undertake the building of dam-like constructions if there is water near the building site for them to work from. They prize highly certain bark and tender twigs, notably birch, aspen, and willow.

Boar, Giant: This large prehistoric forerunner of the wild boar has animal intelligence and is very aggressive. An adult stands about 5 feet at the shoulder. If three or more are encountered, there is a 25% chance for 1 to 4 young (2 to 6 HD, Dmg 1d4,1d4+1,1d6+1,2d4, or 3d4). Boars and sows fight equally, and will fight for 1 to 4 rounds after reaching 0 to -10 hit points, dying immediately at -11 or less hit points.

Hyena, Giant (Hyenodon): These prehistoric pack animals dwell on warm plains. They are large hunter/scavengers with very strong jaws and are aggressive if hungry. They have animal intelligence. Gnolls sometimes use giant hyenas as guard animals (20% chance for 2 to 12 hyenadons in a lair).

Otter, Giant: These large creatures dwell in lakes and rivers. They are semi-intelligent and basically non-agressive, but if threatened or cornered they can fight fiercely. Giant otters love to play - sliding and tag are favorite pastimes. If such play is in progress when they are encountered, these creatures might panic horses, overturn wagons, accidently break carts, etc. In water, similar danger exists with regard to boats and other small craft.

If discovered in their lair (10% chance), there will always be 5 others - 2 adults and 3 young (40%-70% grown). The parent animals will always attack in this case. The young will defend themselves.

Porcupine, Giant: Giant porcupines are found primarily in wooded areas. They are stupid (even for animal intelllgence) and non-aggressive, but if threatened, they are able to defend themselves with ease. These large creatures view any approach within 30 feet as a threat. The creature's main defense is its ability to shoot 1 to 8 quills from its tail, up to 30 feet, each inflicting 1d4 points of damage. Also, as the quills are 3 feet long, any attacker coming within 6 feet of the creature will suffer damage from 1 to 4 quills as a result of the giant porcupine's defensive movements. There is no practical limit to the number of quills available to the porcupine. The mature can also bite with some effect, but only in the most desperate defense (10% chance per round of biting when the creature is more than 50% damaged).

Skunk, Giant: Giant skunks are forest-dwelling omnivores, not adverse to raiding human camps for food. These man-sized creatures will react to any serious threat by backing towards the foe, and if the other creature does not quickly get beyond 60 feet distant, the giant skunk will release a spray of vile musk in a cloud 20 feet wide by 20 feet high by 60 feet long. Any creature in the area failing a saving throw vs. poison will be blinded for 1 to 8 hours. In any event, the musk causes the creature to retreat a full move and lose 50% of both Strength and Dexterity due to nausea for 2 to 8 turns. Further, any creature touched by the skunk's musk will have a disgusting stench. Other creatures will shun it. All cloth material will rot and become useless, including magical garb that fails a saving throw vs. acid. Creatures and non-cloth garments and equipment must be washed and aired for several days to be completely free of the stench. Giant skunks have animal intelligence.

Weasel, Giant: Giant weasels hunt prey aggressively, and will attack until destroyed. They favor woodlands, but also roam subterranean places. They have animal intelligence and are man-sized. In addition to its bite, the giant weasel drains blood, for on the melee round after it successfully bites, it does not release its prey, but instead sucks the blood from the victim at a rate of 2d6 points of damage per round.

If taken before half-grown, and carefully trained, giant weasels can sometimes (25%) be used as hunting animals and guards. When encountered in the lair (15%), there will be 4 or more giant weasels - 2 parents and the rest young from 10% to 80% mature. The young also attack, inflicting damage appropriate to their development.

Wolverine, Giant: Giant wolverines inhabit only colder regions. They are vicious, destructive carnivores that kill wantonly. Bears and wolves respect these creatures' ferocity. Their speed is partially responsible for their high armor class, and their ferocity gives their attack rolls a +4 bonus. An opponent to the rear can be squirted with its disgusting musk, which acts like that of a giant skunk (see above).

A giant wolverine will purposefully destroy food or human goods of any sort by spraying musk upon the unwanted items. Although only semi-intelligent in most things, the giant wolverine is exceptionally intelligent with regard to hunting and combat.