Aasimon, Solar

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Aasimon, Solar
Climate/Terrain:Upper Planes
Frequency:Very rare
Activity Cycle:Any
Intelligence:Supra-genius (19-20)
Alignment:Any good
No. Appearing:1
Armor Class:-10
Movement:18, Fl 48 (B)
Hit Dice:22 (177 hp)
THAC0:5 (+5 weapon bonus)
No. of Attacks:4
Special Attacks:Vorpal severing, arrows of slaying
Special Defenses:See below
Magic Resistance:85%
Size:L (9' tall)
Morale:Fearless (19-20)
XP Value:32,000

Solars are the most powerful aasimon and the greatest celestial stewards. They appear as large humans who have beautiful muscular bodies, white wings, and brilliant topaz eyes. Their skin and hair take on metallic coloration. A solar's voice is deep and commanding, impossible to ignore, and their Charisma is 24.

Combat: Solars are never surprised and are immune to attacks from nonmagical weapons and magical weapons of +4 or lesser enchantment, to energy-level loss from undead or magic, and to charm, confusion, death spell, domination, feeblemind, hold, imprisonment, and trap the soul spells.

Each solar can cast a protection from evil spell wirh a 70-foot radius at will. This sphere also serves as protection from normal missiles and a minor globe of invulnerability if the solar desires. Solars can use any detect spell at will. When laying hands on a creature, a solar can bestow the ability to survive in any environment for up to 100 years.

Lawful-good solars can summon 1 to 2 ki-rins; neutral good solars can summon 1 to 2 phoenix; and chaotic good solars can summon 1 to 2 greater titans. Solars can perform the summoning three times per day with a 75% chance of success per summons.

Solars are not affected by cold, electrical, magic missile, petrification, poison, or any gas attack. They take no damage from acid attacks. They regenerate 7 hit points per melee round. Unless it is on its home plane, only the material form of a solar can be destroyed. Its spirit requires seven decades to reform.

Each solar attacks four times per ropund wirh a sword that only it can wield. The weapon acts as a sword +5 (2d20 points of damage) and has all the properties of a sword of dancing and a vorpal sword.

Solars also use an enormous composite bow with a magical quiver that produces any arrow of slaying the solar desires. Each bow attack has a +2 attack adjustment and slays any target it hits.

A solar has spells as a 15th-level priest with major access to all spheres. In addition to the powers common to aasimon, solars have the following spell-like powers: animate object (3 times per day), antipathy/sympathy (3 times per day), astral spell (once per day), commune, confusion (3 times per day), control weather, creeping doom (once per day), dispel evil, dispel magic, Drawmij's instant summons, earthquake (3 times per day), finger of death (once per day), fire storm (once per day), heal, holy word (3 times per day), imprisonment (once per day), improved invisibility, infravision (240 feet, always active), mass charm (3 times per day), permanency (3 times per day), polymorph any object or self (once per day), power word (any variety, once per day), prismatic spray (once per day), restoration (once per day), resurrection (3 times per day), shape change (3 times per day), symbol (any variety, 3 times per day), vanish (3 times per day), vision (once per day), wind walk (7 times per day), and wish (once per day).

Habitat/Society: Solars are absolutely the most powerful servants of the good deities of the Upper Planes.

Ecology: Solars are mighty enough to be deities themselves, but they choose to serve rather than have worshipers.