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Lankhmar: City of Adventure (2nd Ed.)Cover art

Lankhmar: City of Adventure (2nd Ed.)

by Bruce Nesmith, Douglas Niles, and Ken Rolston

Year: 1993

Number of monsters: 15

LNR1 Wonders of LankhmarCover art

LNR1 Wonders of Lankhmar

by Dale "Slade" Henson

Year: 1992

Number of monsters: 4

LNA2 NehwonCover art

LNA2 Nehwon

by Blake Mobley, Karen Boomgarden, Fred Fields, Ken Frank

Year: 1990

Number of monsters: 1

LNR2 Tales of LankhmarCover art

LNR2 Tales of Lankhmar

by Anthony Pryor, Jon Pickens, Terry Dykstra

Year: 1991

Number of monsters: 2

List of all monsters across these books.
Astral Wolf
Bird of Tyaa
Cat, War
Cloaker, Sea
Cold Woman
Devourer (Lankhmar)
Ghoul, Kleshite
Ghoul (Lankhmar)
Gladiator Lizard
Ice Gnome
Invisible of Stardock
Ray, Invisible Flying
Snow Serpent
Smog, Deadly
Stalking Death
Coral (Lankhmar)
Ice Cat