Dragon (Krynn), Othlorx, General Information

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The othlorx are variations of the standard dragons that appear in the world of Krynn. Physically they are identical to the existing dragon forms - brass, bronze, copper, and silver; black, blue, green, white, and red - though there are no gold othlorx. The difference is in their attitudes toward the world and other dragons.

The othlorx are part of the outcome of a choice faced by dragonkind, the choice created by Takhisis and the Wars of the Lance. When Takhisis released the evil dragons into Krynn, she expected all of her children (as she saw them) to come and fight at her side. Perhaps fortunately for the forces of good, the evil dragons were true to their natures. Not all heeded her commands. More than a few saw no gain for themselves in the battles to come, only the greater chance of death and misery. So they refused to come and fight at her side. Infuriated, Takhisis cursed these renegade dragons, causing them to become the first of the othlorx.

When the good dragons were bound by their oath to not interfere in the Wars of the Lance, they set out to search for their lost eggs. They traversed the globe, and more than a few scoured Taladas. Eventually the draconian hatcheries were discovered and the good dragons no longer felt compelled to honor their oath. They returned to Ansalon to take part in the war. However, not all the good dragons felt compelled to return. Some, especially those who had never laid a brood of eggs, refused and chose to remain in Taladas. They were shunned by their brothers and so joined the ranks of the othlorx.

The characteristics of the othlorx vary according to the dragon type and the individual personality of the creature. General behaviors of each are described below.

Black Dragons: These great beasts have found the southern wilderness of Taladas to be an ideal home with its vast marshes and steaming jungles. Originally selfish and loners, as othlorx they have become xenophobic in the extreme. Takhisis's curse has made them crazed and completely unpredictable. In general, they attack all but an obviously superior enemy on sight, but there are tales of times when they have been cordial, if highly eccentric. Othlorx black dragons cannot cast any priest spells. They are chaotic neutral.

Blue Dragons: There are few blue dragons among the othlorx, their naturally lawful (though evil) natures compelled the majority of them to heed Takhisis's call. Still, even among these honor-bound creatures there were some skillful enough to claim a loophole or create some elaborate justification for their refusal. Enraged, Takhisis stripped these blue dragons of their priest spells and has compelled them to forever honor their words, precisely, no matter what the statement or intention.

Already hostile to man, the blue othlorx now blame all their woes on the humans (who caused the Dragonwars anyway). They don't necessarily attack on sight, but they use all their abilities to cause harm and woe to this offensive race. Blue othlorx are extremely lawful evil.

Brass Dragons: For the brass dragons, becoming othlorx was not that difficult a decision. Always prone to be somewhat neutral, they readily allowed this side of their nature to become dominant. Although not cursed for their choice, they are shunned and repudiated by others of their kind. This has hurt them greatly, for they are highly social creatures. Isolated from their own kind, they sometimes become desperate for companionship and conversation. They have been known to visit the nomadic tribes of the steppes, simply to converse and gossip. Many are known by name to the tribesmen. They are neutral (good).

Bronze Dragons: Most of these enigmatic creatures, being both chaotic and good, responded to the call to battle the horrors of the evil dragons. However, some did not come, primarily because they never heard the call. Their friends and contacts are the creatures of the sea, mostly unaffected by the wars. Thus the news of the great battles never reached their ears. On rare occasions, these dragons appear on land. They can display an amazing ignorance of current affairs and are considered somewhat backward by their dragon fellows. They hate minotaurs with a violent passion. Bronze othlorx are lawful good, but seldom involve themselves in worldly affairs.

Copper Dragons: Copper othlorx, who in the past have prided themselves on their fine sense of humor, have become somewhat bitter and disenchanted with dragonkind in general since refusing to come to the aid of all good dragons. They see themselves as being unfairly treated, especially for something that's over and done with. They have no love of their fellow dragons nor any who profess to aid or support the dragon cause. Indeed, they delight in tormenting and irritating those good dragons they find, although they still will not cause permanent harm to their fellows.

Shunned by their fellows, the copper othlorx have taken a fancy to the gnomes of Taladas. They find the little fellows vastly amusing, recognizing the minoi for the cosmic joke they really are. Copper othlorx are chaotic good (neutral).

Green Dragons: The green othlorx are obsessive, cruel, and malevolent creatures, indeed hardly different from their uncursed fellows. Since they were unwilling to leave their sheltered groves, Takhisis found her revenge by binding them to those very lands. The green othlorx are filled with a violently territorial passion. Anything, including another of their own kind, is treated as a trespasser to be destroyed. This protectiveness keeps them from straying far or successfully mating. Their numbers have suffered a steady decline.

Red Dragons: Most of the red dragons, consumed by war-lust, eagerly went off to fight in the Wars of the Lance. However, a few who saw opportunities suddenly arise on Taladas refused to go. Takhisis cursed these creatures with a loss of the trait they most pride - their self-confidence.

The red othlorx are a strange lot. They are powerful creatures, still possessed with a great desire for wealth and bloodshed, but they doubt their own abilities and might. As a result, they have become skulkers, attacking from ambush and using every cowardly trick possible to overcome their fears of inferiority. When not in combat, they are excessively vain and boastful, again to compensate. If faced by a powerful foe (even one that seems moderately powerful), they will hesitate and wait for a chance to attack with surprise. The red othlorx are considered cowards by their kin. The red othlorx have no priest spells.

Silver Dragons: The silver dragons have always felt a strong need to aid and assist mankind. Despite this, a considerable number of them refused the call to war, rationalizing this by claiming to remain behind to protect the humans of Taladas. While their motives were true and noble, they could not escape the guilt that came with their decision. Thus silver dragons are compelled to atone for their wrongs by traveling among humans in disguise They are obsessive about helping others and fighting evil when they find it and try to compel those traveling with them to join their cause.

They have become the most intolerant of dragon species with a rigidly defined code of good and evil. Their punishments are severe and final - death is the only fate for evildoers of any type. The silver othlorx are rigidly good, although they are now chaotic not lawful.

White Dragons: Of all the evil othlorx, the dull-witted white dragons have changed the most. They defied the call out of impulse, refusing because it didn't suit their mood. In return, Takhisis stripped them of all outward signs of intelligence. White othlorx cannot cast spells or speak. They are still intelligent and are perfectly aware of the powers they have lost. This only serves to increase their rage and savageness. They are extremely chaotic evil.