Zombie, Variant

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Frequency:Very rareVery rareVery rare
Activity Cycle:AnyAnyAny
Intelligence:Non- (0)Non- (0)Non- (0)
No. Appearing:2-20 (2d10)2-20 (2d10)2-20 (2d10)
Armor Class:848
Hit Dice:423
No. of Attacks:221
Damage/Attack:1-8/1-8 + special1-81-8 + special
Special Attacks:Bear hug, acid touchEnhanced speed, firstShocking grasp
Special Defenses:As zombieAs zombieAbsorb magical damage
Magic Resistance:As zombie, plus immunity to acidAs zombieSpecial
Size:M (6')M (5-6')M (5-6')
XP Value:975175650

Acid Zombie

Acid zombies are almost pure white, all color having been bleached from their flesh by the acid oozing from their pores. Their skin glistens, as though sweating. When not fighting, the zom- bies moan softly, as though they are in constant pain. During combat, the moan becomes louder. Acid zombies tend to be created from taller creatures to take advantage of their longer reach. They are generally used against individual fighters, rather than as massed troops.

Combat: As their name implies, acid zombies exude a powerful acid from their skin. In melee combat, this acid causes 1-4 hp damage in addition to any normal damage caused by the zom- bie's fists. Unlike regular zombies, acid zombies have two attacks per melee round. Both occur at the end of the round, but if both hit, the zombie is able to bear hug its victim, doing an addi- tional 3-12 hp damage. A victim of this hug must make a Strength check to escape. Those who fail automatically suffer an additional 3-12 hp damage the next round. Anyone touching an acid zombie with bare flesh suffers 1-4 hp damage. No acid of any kind can harm an acid zombie.

Special ingredients: Before animation, each body must be coated in oil of acid resistance. The spell Melf's acid arrow must be cast in conjunction with animate dead. A mixture of bear's blood and snake scales must be poured into the body's mouth before animation to “teach” the creature how to bear hug.

Quick Zombie

Quick zombies are thinner than regular zombies, and they constantly twitch and jerk, even when ordered to stand still. In combat, they run as swiftly as horses and are used as shock troops. Quick zombies decay very rapidly, lasting no more than a few months before crumbling into dust.

Combat: Quick zombies have two attacks per round and always strike first (as a sword of quickness)

Special ingredients: A paste made from a potion of speed must be smeared on the bodies before animation. During animation, a haste spell must be cast.

Absorbing Zombie

Absorbing zombies are the bane of wizards, as they are immune to spells that cause damage, actually absorbing their power. They appear to be regular zombies, except for their eyes, which glow with an unnatural silvery light. When charged with magical energy, small sparks are constantly emitted from their flesh.

Combat: These zombies suffer no damage from spells that would normally cause direct damage. Every 2 hp damage is converted into 1 hp electrical energy. This energy is stored up to a maximum of 24 hp total, then discharged the next time the zombie makes contact with a creature.

Special ingredients: A protection from magic scroll must be burned and the ashes inserted into the mouth of the body before animation. Shocking grasp must be cast during animation.