Yugoloth, Guardian

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Yugoloth, Guardian
Frequency:RareVery rareVery rare
Activity Cycle:AnyAnyAny
Intelligence:Average (8-10)Very (11-12)High (13-14)
Treasure:See belowSee belowSee below
Alignment:NeutralNeutral (evil)Neutral (evil)
No. Appearing:111
Armor Class:31-1
Movement:999, Fl 9 (D)
Hit Dice:6810
No. of Attacks:333
Special Attacks:See belowSee belowSee below
Special Defenses:See belowSee belowSee below
Magic Resistance:NilNil25%
Size:VariesVariesL (9' tall)
Morale:Elite (14)Champion (16)Fanatic (18)
XP Value:2,0004,00011,000

These yugoloths are summoned by evil wizards or priests to guard something of importance. Yugoloth guardians always defend their charge with great ferocity.

There are three types of yugoloth guardians - least, lesser, and greater. The least and lesser yugoloth guardians vary in size and form, often being horned and frog-like (least) or ape- or boar-like (lesser). Greater yugoloth guardians always appear as gigantic, winged bears with ram horns protruding from their foreheads, and eagle talons for hands.

Yugoloths guardian have the ability to speak all languages.

Combat: Yugoloth guardians can breath fire three times per day in a cone 30 feet long with a 10-foot base diameter. Damage depends upon the type of daemon breathing. Least and lesser yugoloths cause 3d6 and 5d6 points of damage, respectively, while greater yugoloths inflict 7d6 points per breath attack. A successful saving throw vs. breath weapon reduces damage by half. Yugoloth guardians never use their fire breath if the fire might damage whatever they are assigned to protect.

All yugoloth guardians are immune to charm, hold, sleep, polymorph, and fear spells. Lesser and greater yugoloths are also impervious to weapons with less than a +2 bonus. Many of these creatures are invulnerable to one or more additional forms of attack (e.g., sword, cold, fire, electricity).

Habitat/Society: Yugoloth guardians must remain at all times within 90 yards of the object they have been summoned to protect. Within this 90-yard radius, yugoloth guardians prefer to remain at a distance in battle, using their breath weapon to maximum advantage.

Ecology: Summoning a guardian daemon is a dangerous affair. There is a 10% chance for each level the summoner is over 7th level of having his request for a guardian daemon granted (maximum chance of 90%). Conversely, if the summoning fails, there is a 30% chance (-2% per level of the summoner over 10th) that the daemon takes offense and gates in to slay the spellcaster.

Least Yugoloth

These creatures are often summoned to protect treasures valued at less than 25,000 gold pieces. Least yugoloths have a 50% chance of being immune to one additional type of attack.

Lesser Yugoloth

Lesser yugoloths are usually found guarding treasures of 25,000 gold pieces or more. They have a 80% chance of being impervious to one additional attack form.

Greater Yugoloth

These yugoloths are dispatched only to protect objects of exceedingly great value. Greater yugoloth guardians are resistant to magic (25%) and are always immune to two additional forms of attack. They can make a suggestion, as the spell, once per round, even when engaged in combat.