Time Dimensional

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Climate/Terrain:Demiplane of TimeDemiplane of TimeDemiplane of Time
Frequency:Very rareVery rareVery rare
Organization:Solitary (see below)Solitary (see below)Solitary (see below)
Activity Cycle:AnyAnyAny
Diet:Special (see below)Special (see below)Special (see below)
Intelligence:High (13-14)Genius (18)Supra-genius (19)
No. Appearing:1 (see below)1 (see below)1 (see below)
Armor Class:22-5
Movement:See belowSee belowSee below
Hit Dice:12 or 162024 or 28
THAC0:9 or 511
No. of Attacks:111
Damage/Attack:3d4 or 4d45d46d4 or 7d4
Special Attacks:See belowSee belowSee below
Special Defenses:+3 or better magical weapon to hit+3 or better magical weapon to hit+3 or better magical weapon to hit
Magic Resistance:25% (90% in reality)25% (90% in reality)25% (90% in reality)
Size:S (3' diameter)S (4' diameter)L (7' diameter)
Morale:Average (10)Average (10)Average (10)
XP Value:4,000 or 8,00012,00016,000 or 20,000

There are three different varieties of time dimensionals: the common, the noble, and the royal. Often misnamed as time elementals, time dimensionals are intelligences composed entidy from the essence of time. They are one of the few temporal creatures that can travel to reality. There, each appears as a cloud of fire, dust, or vapor. On the Demiplane of Time, each manifests as a translucent sphere of light silver energy. They pose one of the greatest hazards to travelers of the Demiplane of Time due to their incredible abilities.

Time dimensionals seldom appear in reality, as the forward motion of time makes them uncomfortable. They much prefer to roam about the neutral territory of the Demiplane of Time.

Combat: Time dimensionals never attack unless attacked. In reality, they spray a fine, powdery substance at their attacker. On the Demiplane of Time, they simply lash out with pure temporal forces, doing no visible harm, but causing severe damage from the shock. Even temporal creatures are affected by this, though their magic resistance can negate the effect.

In reality, dimensionals often slip in and out of time at will. Since they are nonlinear creatures, they are able to double their lifelines (if they can he said to have such things) as often as they like (in theory, at least - they seem loathe to do so except in the most dire circumstances). In this way, they can bring versions of themselves from other times to help out, effectively adding 1-4 copies of themselves to the combat. A hit on any one creature damages them all, though, so a dimensional typically brings in its other selves, makes multiple attacks in a single round, and then vanishes.

With its power to move through time, the dimensional can usually break off contact in reality at will. Chronomancers should realize what has happened, though, and they can track the creature to the Demiplane of Time if its wake in the mist-smoke can he followed. A time dimensional can move at a rate of 10 yards per round per Hit Die in reality or the Demiplane of Time, so it can likely get away.

Because of their nonlinear nature, time dimensionals can even double themselves on the Demiplane of Time. If pressed, they can attempt to get away by slipping back into reality, but anyone that they would meet in the Demiplane of Time would likely be able to follow them back. Dimensionals realize this, but they also realize that the number of times a humanoid can slip back and forth is usually limited, unlike the dimensional's innate ability. They have been known to slip back and forth so often that no chnomancer could possibly keep up.

Chronomantic spells are useless within 30 yards of a dimensional, as it absorbs them like food. These spells cannot affect the dimensional at any range or reveal anything about it or its actions, unless otherwise noted in the spell's description.

In reality, a dimensional's magic resistance is 90%, as it is difficult for an attacker to figure out exactly where in time a dimensional is long enough to attack it. On the Demiplane of Time, this drops to 25%, as time doesn't flow regularly there.

Habitat/Society: Dimensionals exist at a level that can only be theorized. Any one exists at all times simultaneously, yet all versions of it function throughout time independently. A hero only meets up with one version initially, though.

The dimensionals roam the Demiplane of Time, feeding off the momentum of time, and they stay away from most creatures, as well as other dimensionals. Turbulence attracts time dimensionals, since the disturbance to the timestream causes easier feeding. For this reason, a dimensional is sometimes attracted to a chronomancer and may even slip to reality to find him if the wizards spells are creating enticing turbulence.

Trying to communicate with a time dimensional is tricky. Even gaining their attention can he impossible. They recognize spoken words, but tend to ignore them. If a time dimensional speaks, it does so by manipulating time and drawing words from the listener's past. The hero hears fragmented sentences spoken in his own tongue. Some beings, usually chronomancers, have been known to cut deals with these difficult creatures, but usually at great cost and risk.

Noble Time Dimensional

Noble time dimensionals can additionally cast a time stop (which will even affect common dimensionals), age a creature by 1d20 years, cause a creature to grow younger by 1d20 years, age nonliving vegetahle matter by 10d20 years, age mineral material by 10d100 years, and move up to four creatures from reality into the Demiplane of Time and back at a time (subjects can save vs. spell if unwilling). Each power is usable once per round, at will, once per day.

Royal Time Dimensional

Royal dimensionals are even more powerful than their brethren. They are said to rule the others, but no evidence has been brought forth to corroborate this, other than the fact that they can summon 14 common (70%) or 1-2 noble time dimensionals (30%) once per day. Royals have the same powers as the nobles, but can use them each once per hour. Also, royals can use Articus's melee manager every round to get in more attacks if they like. Royal dimensionals can use temporal shell up to once per hour, creating a small area that exists between the ticks of a clock for one hour per Hit Die.