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Wild StagGiant StagThe White Stag
Climate/Terrain:Temperate/Forest, plain, hill, and mountainTemperate/Forest, plain, hill, and mountainTemperate/Forest, plain, hill, and mountain
Activity Cycle:DayDayAny
Intelligence:Animal (1)Animal (1)Highly (13-14)
Alignment:NilNilLawful good
No. Appearing:1-41-21
Armor Class:77-5
Hit Dice:3510
No. of Attacks:1 or 21 or 23
Damage/Attack:1-3/1-3 or 2-81-4/1-4 or 4-161-12/1-6/1-6
Special Attacks:NilNilNil
Special Defenses:NilNilSee below
Magic Resistance:NilNilNil
Size:M (4-5' tall, excluding antlers)L (7'+ tall, excluding antlers)M (7' tall, excluding antlers)
Morale:Unsteady (7)Unsteady (7)Champion (16)
XP Value:651752,000

Wild stags are the aggressive males of a deer herd.

Wild stags have reddish-brown or light gray coats in the summer, turning dark in the winter. The bottoms of their tails are white. when running, their tails straighten to reveal these white areas. Their long, powerful legs end in sharp hooves. They have tapered heads with sensitive noses, huge dark eyes, and large ears that are capable of moving in any direction to pick up sounds.

Stags have two branching antlers growing from the top of their skulls. Stag antlers are hard and bony, covered with a velvety fuzz. The antlers are primarily used as a symbol of leadership, but are also used when dueling for mates or fighting off enemies. Some stags living in colder climates shed their antlers in the winter, growing new ones the following spring.

Combat: Normally, wild stags are docile and passive, but when challenged, they defend their herds against all but the most fearsome opponents. A stag usually attacks by charging head down, butting opponents with his antlers. He can also attack by lashing out with his sharp fore hooves His antler attack inflicts 2d4 points of damage, while his fore hooves inflict 1d3 points of damage each.

Habitat/Society: Stags are found in temperate forests and meadows in all parts of Krynn. They have no permanent lairs, grazing from field to field in search of food or to avoid predators. Though some migrate for hundreds of miles, most herds remain in the same general area throughout their lives. They spend their days foraging for food and basking in the sun, and their nights sleeping among bushes or tall grasses. For each wild stag in a herd, there are 2d4 fawns and does. A doe gives birth to one or two fawns in a secluded area; the fawns remain hidden until they are old enough to run with the herd.

Ecology: Stags eat grams, fruits, seeds, and twigs. They are often the victims of wolves, hunters, and other predators. Wild stags are domesticated by Kagonesti elves who use them as mounts. The gods of good use the white stag to guide or otherwise assist favored characters.

Giant Stags

Giant stags are larger versions of wild stags, often topping seven feet in height and weighing in excess of 1,500 pounds. A giant stags antler attack inflicts 4d4 points of damage, while his fore hooves inflict 1d4 points of damage each. Otherwise, the giant stag conforms to the general characteristics of the wild stag.

The White Stag

The white stag is an enchanted wild stag chosen by the gods of good to serve as their messenger. The white stag resembles a giant stag, but its coat is pure white. At night, its coat radiates a soft glow of white light. When angered, its eyes burn fiery red. The white stag can communicate telepathically; it only communicates with creatures of good alignment, however.

The white stag makes attacks similar to those of the wild stag, though its superior strength and size enables it to inflict significantly more damage. Additionally, the white stag has special abilities that it uses to assist creatures of good alignment. It can cast find the path at will; it uses this ability to help friendly characters avoid dangers or to show them the most direct routes to their destinations. The white stag can also cast speak with animal at will to learn information that it sometimes telepathically passes along to befriended creatures. Finally, the white stag has the ability to cast a bless spell three times per day. The white stag has habits similar to those of the wild stag, but he is often active at night, sleeping during the day.

The white stag cannot be captured: if necessary, it fights to the death. If the white stag is killed, its body immediately disappears. Dark thunderclouds form over the heads of the killers, hovering there for the next seven days. During that time, the killers must add +1 to their Armor Class.