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Frequency:Very rare
Activity Cycle:Any
Intelligence:Supra-genius (19-20)
Alignment:Lawful good
No. Appearing:1
Armor Class:-5
Movement:24, Fl 48 (B)
Hit Dice:12
No. of Attacks:3
Special Attacks:Magic use
Special Defenses:See below
Magic Resistance:90%
Size:H (13' long)
Morale:Fanatic (18)
XP Value:11,000

Psionics Summary


Type: Control of the nonliving, travel, mind reading.

  • Psychokinesis: create object*, control flames, control wind.
  • Psychometabolism: shadow-form*, body equilibrium,ectoplasmic form*.
  • Psychoportation: banishment, probability havel*.
  • Telepathy: mindlink*, ESP*, false sensory input*.

The ki-rin is a noble creature that roams the sky in search of good deeds to reward or malefactors to punish.

The ki-rin's coat is covered with luminous golden scales like a sunrise on a clear morning. The thick mane and tail are a darker gold. The horn and hooves are gold tinged with pink. The eyes are a deep violet. The ki-rin has a melodious voice.

Ki-rin speak their own language. Since they are telepathic, they are able to mentally or verbally converse with virtually any living thing.

Combat: The ki-rin can physically attack with its powerful hooves (2d4 points of damage each) or a unicorn-like horn that gains a +3 bonus to its attack roll and inflicts 3d6 points of damage.

They can employ spells as if they were 18th-level mages. Each day they may use nine 1st-level spells, eight 2nd-level spells, seven 3rd-level spells, etc., all the way to one 9th-level spell.

The ki-rin's telepathy enables them to read conscious thoughts and are thus nearly impossible to surprise. The ki-rin also possess a variety of magical powers that can each be used once each day. They can create nutritious food and beverages for 2d12 people, as well as 32 cubic feet of soft goods or 18 cubic feet of wooden items. These are permanent creations. The ki-rin can create metal items with a total weight of up to 2,000 gp weight, but such items have very short life spans. In general, the harder the substance, the shorter the life span; for example, adamantite lasts an hour, while gold lasts 1d4+1 days.

The ki-rin can also generate illusions with audial, visual, and olfactory components. These illusions last without further concentration until the illusion is either magically dispelled or disrupted by disbelief. The ki-rin can assume gaseous form, wind walk, summon weather, and call lightning as well. When a ki-rin conjures things of the sky or things that involve the air, the creature or magic produced is at twice normal strength, including hit points and the damage inflicted by its attacks. They can enter the Ethereal and Astral planes at will.

Habitat/Society: The ki-rin are a race of aerial creatures that rarely set hoof on solid ground. Only the males ever approach the ground. No encounter with a female ki-rin has ever been recorded, although it is certain such beings exist. Likewise no young ki-rin has ever been encountered, thus details of their reproduction are unknown. Ki-rin are reticent about these topics.

Ki-rin come to the aid of humanoids if asked properly or if such beings are faced with a powerful, extremely evil being. Ki-rin believe in self-improvement, though, and do not casually come to a humanoid's aid except in the most dire of circumstances.

Ki-rin sustain themselves by creating their own food and drink. They are highly imaginative with their creations. They may establish a lair high atop a mountain or plateau. Such sites are virtually impossible to reach without resort to flight or climbing. The lairs may have an stony exterior crafted from local materials. It is enhanced by magically created wood and stout cloth. The interiors tend to be luxurious. The ki-rin are able to craft fine cloth, tapestries, pillows, and other comforts. An occupied lair is kept clean by carefully controlled winds that sweep out debris.

Although ki-rin are generous and not avaricious, they still tend to accumulate treasure. These may be their own creations, gifts from friends and allies, souvenirs of past travels and exploits, fines levied against malefactors, or booty taken from vanquished foes.

Ecology: Ki-rin spend most of their time pursuing their own affairs. They often monitor the activities of powerful evil creatures and beings. If such beings become too malevolent, the ki-rin act against them.

Ki-rin may reward allies or needy individuals by creating food and valuables.

The intact skin of a ki-rin is worth 25,000 gp. Possession of such a item is dangerous, due to the retribution that may be visited upon the possessor by other ki-rin, sympathetic humanoids, or intelligent lawful good monsters.