Foo Creature

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Foo Creature
Foo DogFoo Lion
Climate/Terrain:Any landAstral, ethereal, and various Outer Planes
Frequency:RareVery rare
Organization:Mated pair or packSolitary or pride
Activity Cycle:AnyAny
Intelligence:Very (11-12)Exceptional (15-16)
Alignment:Chaotic goodChaotic good
No. Appearing:2-81-4
Armor Class:0-1
Hit Dice:7+711+11
THAC0:13 (or 11)9 (or 5)
No. of Attacks:33
Special Attacks:+1 vs. lawful evil+1 vs. lawful evil
Special Defenses:See belowSee below
Magic Resistance:45%55%
Size:M (3-4' long)L (7' long)
Morale:Elite (13)Champion (15)
XP Value:3,0007,000

Foo creatures are powerful extraplanar entities that can sometimes be convinced to serve or guard humans of good alignment.

Foo creatures have large, blunt heads with wide-set, bulging eyes. Their bodies appear somewhat leonine, with thick fur and large, padded feet. Their forelegs resemble those of lions, while their hind legs are more doglike.

Foo dogs are the most frequently encountered species of this creature. They have short, bush-tipped tails, long floppy ears, and broad noses. Their fur is typically golden or black, but also may be white, green, violet, or gray.

Each foo creature - dog or lion - speaks its own language as well as the language of other foo creatures. All foo creatures also speak the language of human or humanoid races with whom they have formed relationships.

Combat: Foo dogs bite and attack with their claws. When engaged in combat with opponents of evil alignment, the dogs attack as if they were 10 HD creatures. If the opponents are lawful evil, foo dogs gain a +1 bonus to their attack and damage rolls. Evil opponents who attack foo dogs suffer a -1 penalty to their attack rolls and inflicted damage.

Foo dogs can become invisible and ethereal at will. They can travel astrally and ethereally, both at will. In addition, their thunderous barking is 20% likely to create a gate that summons 1-6 additional foo dogs, provided the barking lasts 7 consecutive rounds or more.

Habitat/Society: Foo dogs can be encountered in any location in the Prime Material Plane, though they make their homes in the Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane, and various Outer Planes, particularly Olympus and Gladshiem. On occasion, they can be convinced to associate themselves with humans or humanoids of good alignment on the Prime Material Plane, especially if the person requesting assistance impresses the foo dog as being kind and benevolent, or if the cause appeals to the foo dog's sense of justice. However, regardless of circumstance, a foo dog will not voluntarily remain in the Prime Material Plane for extended periods. A stay of more than a few weeks is rare.

Ecology: Foo dogs can consume virtually any inorganic matter in the Prime Material Plane. They enjoy devouring gems and precious metals in particular, especially platinum and silver.

Foo Lions

Foo lions look like big foo dogs with longer tails and larger mouths. Shaggy manes encircle their necks. Sometimes the manes are entangled with peony flowers. A foo lion's fur may be a variety of colors, but is most commonly black, orange, or gold.

Foo lions share the outlook, personality, diet, and habitats of foo dogs. They also have the same abilities and attack techniques. Though foo lions feel no animosity towards foo dogs, the two creatures rarely associate with one another.

When engaged in combat by opponents of evil alignment, foo lions attack as if they were 15 HD creatures. For opponents of evil alignment, attacking a foo lion involves the same penalties as attacking a foo dog. If a foo lion roars for at least 7 consecutive rounds, it has a 20% chance of gating in 1-2 additional foo lions.

Many noblemen of Kara-Tur consider foo lions to be symbols of courage and strength. Emblems of these creatures often are embroidered on the court robes of military officials. Stone statues of foo lions stand in front of many official buildings. On occasion, these statues and emblems are magically enchanted by wu jen, allowing them to petition foo lions in their home planes.