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Climate/Terrain:Temperate to subtropical rural areas
Activity Cycle:Night
Intelligence:High (13-14)
Alignment:Chaotic evil
No. Appearing:1
Armor Class:5
Hit Dice:2+4
No. of Attacks:2
Special Attacks:Fear, Spitting
Special Defenses:Nil
Magic Resistance:Nil
Size:T (1')
Morale:Unsteady (7)
XP Value:270

Y'know, I ran like a hunted dog from that nasty little thing for nearly five minutes, stumbling my way through the forest in blind fear' Then I stopped and asked myself, “What the hell am I running from?”

Ignazio Mertucci

A fee-faw-fum (or simply “'fum”) is a dangerous little imp that enjoys isolating and terrifying trespassers. 'Fums have a powerful fear ability that can reduce the steeliest warrior to whimpering fright.

The shape of a fee-faw-fum is strangely indistinct and amorphous. Generally, they resemble small imps or gremlins, having a goblin-like humanoid form. Their features, however, are vague suggestions at best. This is further emphasized by their large eyes, which glow with an eerie orange-green light. Their flesh is oily and black, and they smell like tobacco juice.

'Fums speak any widely-used tongue in the area they inhabit. They may have their own language, as a 'fum will often make all kinds of squishy twittering noises. However, it is uncertain if this is actually a form of communication, since only solitary 'fums have ever been encountered.

Combat: Fee-faw-fums are not particularly threatening in combat. They may claw with their needle-nailed hands for 1-2 damage each. They do have the advantage of great stealth: 'fums can hide in shadows and move silently 80% of the time. Once every three rounds, a 'fum can forgo its claw attacks to spit a glob of a tarry substance at an opponent. This is a normal missile attack with a range of 15' that ignores armor (Dexterity and magical adjustments still apply). The spit has no inherent properties other than smelling very bad - somewhat akin to a cesspool. Victims struck by the 'fum's spittle must save vs. poison at a -2 penalty or be overcome with severe nausea. Victims who fail their saving throw must immediately make a Constitution check or spend the next round retching uncontrollably, losing all actions. Regardless, all victims who fail their poison save attack at a -2 penalty until the spittle is washed off.

The true power of a fee-faw-fum is its debilitating powers of hypnotic fear. In many ways, this ability resembles a mass suggestion. It has a range of 20 yards, and can affect up to ten individuals at once. The 'fum must speak to its victims for one round, telling them in an ominous voice that they are isolated and thoroughly doomed. The 'fum describes in grisly detail the horrible fate that its victims will meet. Victims must make a fear check at a -2 penalty. The only possible results of this check, however, are Hide and Flee, as described under failed fear checks in Domains of Dread (50% chance of either). Those fortunate individuals who make their fear check cannot be targeted by the same 'fum's ability ever again.

Habitat/Society: Fee-faw-fums inhabit abandoned houses and other structures, preferring those with a reputation as “haunted”. A 'fum will make its lair in an hidden location in the structure, such as a cupboard or chimney. They sleep throughout the day and spend their evenings foraging around the house for tidbits. They prefer to be left alone, and deal with intruders viciously through their suggestion ability and general malicious behavior. Fee-faw-fums seem to derive great pleasure from making mighty warriors flee screaming into the night. 'Fum reproduction and society are mysteries, if they even exist at all.

Ecology: Fee-faw-fums are generally unobtrusive creatures which live on any food they can scavenge. They do not cause a great disturbance in the surrounding area, but can contribute heavily to tales of haunted houses. The only objects they value are gems, which they appreciate for their color and gleam.

'Fum bones can be used in the construction of pipes of haunting, and their spittle can be distilled into an effective debilitating poison.

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