Farcluun, the Dragon

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Farcluun, the Dragon
Climate/Terrain: Any
Frequency: Unique
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Omnivore
Intelligence: Genius (17-18)
Treasure: E (in lair)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
No. Appearing: 1
Armor Class: -5 (3)
Movement: 15 (10)
Hit Dice: 35+10/130hp (50hp)
THAC0: 10
No. of Attacks: 2
Damage/Attack: 1d12 (dragonblade)
Special Attacks: Spells
Special Defenses: Spell*
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: M
Morale: Fanatic (17-18)
XP Value: 20,000 (7,500)

Spells: 1) (burning hands, charm person, magic missile, unseen servent, well of fog); 2) blind, (detect invisibility, hypnotic pattern, ray of enfeeblement, Tasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter); 3) (fireball), lightning bolt, spectral force, (vampiric touch, wraithform); 4) Evard's black tentacles, ice storm, psionic dampener, (wall of fire); 5) (animate dead, cone of cold), feeblemind, shadow magic, wall of iron; 6) chain lightning, death fog, globe of invulnerability, (improved slow, Otiluke's freezing sphere); 7) (conjure greeter elemental), doom legion, (finger of death), sands of time (plus 6 scrolls); 8) Bigby's clenched fist, (incendiary cloud), mind blank, (polymorph other); 9) energy drain, (power word kill, time stop); 10) (abrasion).

Use values in parentheses after Farcluun's battle with Abelach-Re.

Psionics Summary

16/12/27All/All17160 (55)

Devotions - aging, ail-round vision, ballistic attack, body weaponry, combat mind, control wind, danger sense, dimensional door, dimensional walk, displacement, dream travel, ego whip, enhancement, gird, id insinuation, inertial barrier, magnify, martial trance, mind thrust, molecular agitation, psionic blast, psionic inflation, psionic sense, psychic drain, stasis field, suspend animation, time shift. Sciences - banishment, clairvoyance, death field, detonate, domination, life draining, precognition, project force, psychic crush, split personality, teleport other, ultrablast.

DMs must take time to fully understand Farcluun; various psionic abilities and spells if they are to be used to their full effectiveness.

Farcluun is a minor dragon in the scheme of things. But, like all dragons, he dreams of becoming much more powerful and of someday seizing control of a city-state.

Most of the time, Farcluun disguises himself as a powerful human male around 6 ½' tall with long black hair. This effect is produced by a special amulet he created himself. The disguise is virtually impenetrable by anyone save a more powerful dragon. However. the disguise does not alter his mass, which anyone who tries to lift or otherwise move him will quickly find out.

While a man, Farcluun gained a reputation for cruelty rivaled by few others. To fuel his transformation he rounded up an entire tribe of halflings and had them burned alive. Though some wouldn't fault him (halflings are savage cannibals, after all), the act was still undeniably cruel. This sadistic streak did not lessen as Farcluun gained power, but rather increased. Those who cross him should spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders for reprisals.

As with all his endeavors, Farcluun is treating the recover-y of the black waters scroll like a military campaign. He wishes nothing to go awry and will do everything in his power to regulate and control the project to avoid mishaps.

Combat: Farcluun is very canny in combat, but will try to stay out of physical confrontation if he can avoid it. If forced to fight, he uses a sword he had specially forged for his enhanced strength and mass. This dragonblade looks like a normal short sword, but in fact does 1d12 points of damage and can’t be used by normal beings.

Farcluun far prefers the use of psionics and magic and will use them to dispatch foes whenever possible. The DM should be ruthless in playing him. He is one of the most powerful creatures the characters are likely to encounter and should be treated as such. Killing Farcluun should be a major accomplishment.