Dragon, Ferrous, Gruaghlothor

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Activity Cycle:Any
Diet:See below
Intelligence:Supra-genius (20)
Alignment:Lawful neutral
No. Appearing:1
Armor Class:-12
Movement:12, Fl 36 (C), Br 8, Jp 4
Hit Dice:25 (200 hp)
No. of Attacks:3 + special
Special Attacks:See below
Special Defenses:See below
Magic Resistance:80%
Size:G (185'body, 140'tail)
Morale:Fearless (20)
XP Value:35,000

The Supreme Dragon, Gruaghlothor, is the ruler of all ferrous dragons and is an incarnation of all the sovereign iron dragons since the dawn of time. Despite this, Gruaghlothor is not a divine power. Gruaghlothor is said to have been the very first ferrous dragon ever to exist. It was under his guidance that the clan hierarchy was formed. He was destroyed in battle with a huge pack of red dragons. With his dying breath, Gruaghlothor swore to destroy the red dragons if he had to come back from the grave, and return he did. The red dragons remain, but deep under a mighty mountain burns the smoldering hatred of a thousand kings waiting to flare into the destruction of their age-old enemies.

Whenever Gruaghlothor dies, the iron dragon chosen to replace the former goes into a state of hibernation for one year. During this time, the chosen one undergoes a metamorphosis. When it emerges, it has become Gruaghlothor. There is no solid explanation for how this works, and the iron dragons answer only, “It has always been so”.

Gruaghlothor resembles a great iron wyrm in every respect except for its tremendous size. He can speak the tongue of his species, the tongue common to all ferrous dragons, and has an ability to communicate with any intelligent creature (as can an iron dragon).

Combat: Gruaghlothor is an impressive figure and does not take kindly to intruders no matter what their business. He possesses tremendous spell capability and uses his spells and abilities in preference to physical combat. If pressed, however, he will engage in physical combat.

Gruaghlothor has three breath weapons, each usable twice a day: a cloud of sleep gas 60' long, 50' wide, and 40' high; a cone of superheated sparks 100' long, 5' wide at the dragon's mouth, and 40' wide at the end, doing 24d12 +24 hp damage; or a bolt of solid stone 30' long and 5' wide, fired out to a 120' from the dragon's mouth, doing 24d12 + 24 hp damage. Creatures caught in the gas must save vs. breath weapon or fall asleep regardless of hit dice. Creatures caught in either the spark cone or in the path of the stone bolt are allowed a save vs. breath weapon for half damage.

Gruaghlothor possesses the same abilities and immunities as other iron dragons, with the exception that every power gains one additional use a day (e.g., heat metal can be used four times a day, stone shape three times a day, etc.). He also gains the ability to passwall up to three times a day. He casts spells as a 22nd-level wizard and has the following spells: five 1st level, five 2nd, five 3rd, five 4th, three 5th, two 6th, and one 7th.

Habitat/Society: Gruaghlothor dwells in a cavern far below one of the highest peaks in the world. From there he rules over all of the ferrous dragons, settling all disputes that cannot be handled by the other dragon leaders, dispensing justice to those who cannot obey clan laws, and mating with his concubines in order to produce his eventual successor.

Ecology: Gruaghlothor sustains himself on a diet of iron ore but is fond of red dragon flesh. He occasionally goes hunting for the latter fare, which he considers a delicacy.

Gruaghlothor is quite content to be left alone, where he will spend countless days devising ways to exterminate the red dragons. He has a tremendous store of knowledge and the wisdom to use it wisely; one cannot help but think that he might someday succeed in his desire.